Best blush for dark skin


If you’re a true beauty guru who loves the transformation that makeup can create, you’re most likely a big fan of a great blush. Compared to a highlighter or a foundation, blush creates this illusion that no other product can achieve. From vibrant pinks, plums, corals, and more, there are so many ways a good blush can elevate your makeup look and bring some brightness to your face. But this additional step in your makeup routine hasn’t always been a plus for those with darker skin tones.

For as long as makeup has been around to enhance a woman’s features, it has been historically trickier for black and brown women to find what they need in order to achieve the same effects. Most blushes are too pale, too bright, or just the wrong colour entirely for darker skins. This is why we’ve built Maréna Beauté and curated colour palettes exclusively to match the complexions of consumers with darker skin tones. In an effort to close the gap within the beauty industry, our products are designed for all women regardless of the colour of their skin. When it comes to blushes specifically, Maréna Beauté has formulated products that create a warm, natural-looking flush that does exactly what blush is meant to do, pronounce the admiral features of black and brown women.

Blush is often the finishing touch to any makeup look and at Maréna Beauté, we’ve crafted our blush to have a rich glow while adding vibrancy to darker complexions. When we began formulating our products, we started by focusing on undertones and what that means for application. While it’s easy to look on the surface of skin, we know it changes for a variety of reasons, but what stays constant is the undertone. For black and brown skin tones, there’s a colour underneath the surface that reveals so much. In order to create the perfect blushes for women with darker skin tones, we had to take a deeper look into the three undertone colours or warm, cool, and neutral to see how we can formulate blushes to best match our melanated beauties.

It’s All in the Details

When it comes to having a neutral undertone, there is no true colour range, depending on your personal style of makeup, you can be universal. For this type of beauty, we recommend our Mauve Terracotta Collection so you can play with multiple types of colours and find what you love the most.

For those with a golden yellow skin tone, they most likely will fall under the category of a warm undertone. Blush colours such as reds, corals, and roses, are best-fitting to enhance their features. Our Charming Peach Blush Tarou Duo offers both a Sweet Brown and Marron Peach colour that compliments warmer undertones. 

Our Best Seller

Once we established the undertones, we were able to really focus on the needs for black and brown skin tones, and skin types. Generally, those with melanin are prone to have more oily skin, while this adds to our natural glow, the right blush can accentuate features that you’d never expect. This is one of the reasons why our Blush Tarou is our best-selling product. Not only does it have an extensive range of colour options, but the application provides everything you need for the perfect hue and comfort for your skin.


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